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Our programs and classes:

Our program at  Infusion Mixed Martial Arts is specifically oriented to satisfy your individual needs in martial arts in a safe and positive environment. Our classes are conducive to fast learning and lasting results that will accommodate individuals of any experience level (from beginner to advanced), any fitness level (from inactive to athletic shape) and every age group (from 4 to 65 years old) including men, women and children.

We are proud to provide a unique curriculum which allows our members to evaluate their goals and progress throughout their lessons. If you are looking for realistic self-defense, improved fitness levels, increased self confidence and focus, healthy weight loss, continuous stress relief and added flexibility checkout our program today.

In our programs, students begin seeing the physical fitness rewards of the martial arts as they begin a journey of getting into the best shape of their lives both mentally and physically resulting in the improved confidence needed to succeed at any challenge at work or at school.

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